Women’s boutique Monkee’s opened a new location in Lynchburg’s Boonsboro Shopping Center.

The store is Monkee’s 4th location in Virginia and the 27th nationwide since beginning in 1995 in Wilmington, N.C., according to the franchising operation’s website. Local owner Fredanel “Freddie” Morris said she is excited to open the new location after moving to Lynchburg in September.

“It’s something that I have always wanted to do,” she said, calling herself a “frequent and enthusiastic shopper” at Monkee’s over the years.

With Monkee’s giving owners the opportunity to stock their own stores, Morris has flexibility in what she chooses to have in the shop.“We can offer lines that will fit some of the younger residents here, as well as the older demographic, some of the younger professionals,” she said. “It’s a broad range and I think Monkee’s provides that opportunity to fill that niche whatever area requires.”

Monkee’s stores typically carry designer clothing, shoes and accessories. Monkee’s of Lynchburg is taking the place of Persian Rugs and More, which moved to another storefront in the shopping center. “The reception has been so warm and so welcoming,” both in the shopping center and Lynchburg at large, she said.